San Antonio Office: 210.758.5283
Toll Free: 800.995.1554
Fax: 800.958.9481

Hours of Operation: 7:00am - 10:00pm 

Independent Living

-Little or no assistance with daily living

-Convenient services, senior-friendly surroundings & increased social opportunities

Assisted Living

-Personalized resident-centered care to meet individual preferences and needs

-Assistance with everyday activities, meals, medicine management, bathing, dressing and tansportation

Memory Care

Long-term care for residents with level of impairments making it unsafe for them to live alone, but who do not require the intensive care of skilled nursing facilities.



Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

-Part independent living, part assisted living, and part nursing home

-Accommodate changing needs over time

Other Types of Senior Housing 

-Residential Care Home

-In-Home Care

-Hospice Care