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Physical Risks

 Do you sometimes feel dizzy or have trouble keeping your balance?
 Do you have trouble walking due to problems with feet or joint pain?
 Have multiple hospital stays in the past 12 months?
 Limited activity due to fear of falling or a history of falling?


Hazards around the Home

 Well lit walkways?
 Are there handrails indoors and outdoors on both sides of the stairs?
 Are there challenges moving around the bathroom?kh
 Do rugs, floors or cords pose a slipping or tripping hazard?


 Spend most of your time alone?
 No longer socializing – difficulty in getting to Church, groups or shopping?
Feelings of loneliness, sadness or loss?
Is Senior Housing the Solution you are looking for?
Making the decision to look at a new living environment is not easy. Your needs and desires will determine what is right for you. Our simple assessment tool can help determine a good fit for you.


Health Risks

 Less motivated in preparing nutritious meals?
 Forgetting to take medications?
 Requiring regular assistance from a family member or caregiver?



 Driving has become less desirable?
 Feel as if you are becoming a burden to friends or family?
 Increased anxiety about health issues?



 Having difficulty getting together with friends and family?
 Could you benefit from a worry-free lifestyle?
 Require help with dressing, bathing or other personal needs?
 Difficulty doing household chores such as laundry, cleaning and shopping?


Next Steps
Call today San Antonio 210-758-5283 or Austin 512.426.2015 and speak to one of our Senior Services Specialist? We will help you find the right serves to meet your needs.