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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?


    Continuing Care Retirement Communities are part independent living, part assisted living and part nursing home. CCRC's offer a tiered approach to the aging process, accommodating the changing needs of the resident. Upon entering, healthy adults can reside independently in single-family homes, apartments or condominiums. When assistance with everyday activities becomes necessary, they can move into assisted living or nursing care facilities.
As with other types of residential environments that are specifically tailored to seniors' needs and tastes, CCRC's and their residents establish a business arrangement through a legal contract specifying exactly what supportive services, nursing care, other healthcare, and housing will be provided for residents.
CCRC's give older adults the option to live in one location for the duration of their life, with much of their future care already figured out. This can provide a great level of comfort to both your loved one and you taking much of the stress out of the caregiving relationship.
CCRC's are usually (although not always) centrally located on one campus. All three facilities: independent living, assisted living and nursing home are on one campus. CCRC campuses are typically located in peaceful, picturesque and hospitable surroundings. They are intended to be upscale communities set apart in choice locations that afford a great deal of privacy and convenience.
Government regulation of CCRC's is largely based on state law and may vary from state to state which is important to remember if you're considering taking up residence in a CCRC. The state's Office for Aging or State Housing Authority where you live or plan to relocate can be a valuable source of information.